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Student Workshop: All About Respect

30 minutes

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Still image from Student Workshop: All About Respect

This four-part presentation dramatizes different kinds of respect: for feelings, for rules and authority, for differences, and for self. Each scene illustrates a different issue and challenges young teenagers to analyze the situation. The host asks pertinent questions for discussion and encourages critical thinking about the role of respect.

Media Details

Runtime: 30 minutes

2 young girls are seated at a classroom group table holding pencils. They are looking up at and speaking with a woman who appears to be their teacher. A completed worksheet and piece of paper are on the table.
Student Workshop
Episode 1
30 minutes
Grade Level: 6 - 9
Closeup of a teenage girl who is speaking and looking to the side with her eyebrows raised. Caption. He wasn't until I told him you wanted him here.
Student Workshop
Episode 2
33 minutes 11 seconds
Grade Level: 6 - 10
Profile of a girl and a boy standing in front of a coat rack. They are looking in front of them with eyes wide open, smiling as they give a 2-thumbs up gesture. Caption. They're really excited about it!
Student Workshop
Episode 3
34 minutes 26 seconds
Grade Level: 2 - 5
Medium view of a girl with her head tilted and looking slightly to the side. Her mouth is closed and her eyebrows are slightly raised with a concerned expression. Caption. What if he does homework and then takes a break?
Student Workshop
Episode 4
23 minutes 36 seconds
Grade Level: 5 - 10
Medium view of 2 girls facing each other. Girl with pursed mouth and a hand on her waist gazes at the other girl who looks downward, mouth closed. They appear to be having a serious exchange. Caption. Sound of music.
Student Workshop
Episode 5
16 minutes
Grade Level: 3 - 5
Young boy kneels on an asphalt playground as he draws colorful chalk pictures on the ground. A bucket of chalk is next to him. 2 children are seated and talking nearby on parking blocks. Caption. People are different in many ways.
Student Workshop
Episode 6
16 minutes 4 seconds
Grade Level: K - 3