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Riverine Food Webs: How Flow Rates Affect Biomass

9 minutes 15 seconds

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Black-and-white computer drawings split into 3 layers. The top layer depicts fish and reads, "Fish." The middle layer depicts a variety of insects and reads, "Insects." The bottom layer depicts plants and reads, "Algae."

Rivers are dynamic ecosystems that change in space and time, but they also have clear boundaries that make them amenable to study. Dr. Mary Power has been studying the Eel river for 25 years to address the question of how the amount of water flowing in the river affects the food chain and the health of the ecosystem overall. Her work has revealed how the presence or absence of a spring flood can shape the organisms that thrive for the rest of the year. This research is an example of how physical changes in climate may affect ecosystems in the future.

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Runtime: 9 minutes 15 seconds

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