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From Head To Toe

5 minutes

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Giraffes can bend their necks, and monkeys can wave their hands. Donkeys can kick their legs. Join the giraffes, monkeys, donkeys, seals, and more for a fun adventure. Based on the children's book by Eric Carle. This title is presented in American Sign Language by the Rocky Mountain Deaf School.

Media Details

Runtime: 5 minutes

9 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 4
5 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 3
Sign Language Storytelling
Episode 5
14 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 5
5 minutes
Grade Level: 2 - 5
6 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 3
10 minutes
Grade Level: 1 - 3
10 minutes
Grade Level: K - 4