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Is Your Mama a Llama?

7 minutes

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Whimsical rhyming riddles help Lloyd, the baby llama, guess what kind of animal everyone's mama really is. But it's his friend Lyn, the llama, that finally leads Lloyd to the answer he most longs to hear. Based on the children's book Deborah Guarino. This title is presented in American Sign Language by the Statewide Outreach Center at Texas School for the Deaf.

Media Details

Runtime: 7 minutes

9 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 4
5 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 3
Sign Language Storytelling
Episode 5
14 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 5
5 minutes
Grade Level: 2 - 5
6 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 3
10 minutes
Grade Level: 1 - 3
10 minutes
Grade Level: K - 4