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TEK: The Modern Cave Boy

28 minutes

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Tek is a cave boy in love with tech. He is glued to his tablet, video games, phone, and TV. He never sees his friends or family anymore. Can anyone in the village convince Tek to unplug and come outside into the big, beautiful world? Based on the children's book by Patrick McDonnell. This title is presented in American Sign Language by the Statewide Outreach Center at Texas School for the Deaf.

Media Details

Runtime: 28 minutes

9 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 4
5 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 3
Sign Language Storytelling
Episode 5
14 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 5
5 minutes
Grade Level: 2 - 5
6 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 3
10 minutes
Grade Level: 1 - 3
10 minutes
Grade Level: K - 4