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How Could This Happen? A True Story About Binge Drinking and Death

18 minutes 12 seconds

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Molly Amman, a vivacious nineteen-year-old, died of acute alcohol poisoning in 2011. Through emotional interviews with family and friends, viewers get a firsthand understanding of how one episode of binge drinking can kill. The choices and errors in judgment that lead to Molly’s death are presented in stark detail. Medical experts weigh in about the consequences of binge drinking and how the body systematically shuts down when too much alcohol is consumed. Students are made aware of the all-too-real dangers of alcohol poisoning and learn what actions to take if they suspect that someone is at risk of being poisoned.

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Runtime: 18 minutes 12 seconds

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Viewer Comments

  • Tiny default profile photo
    Karen R. (Bremerton, WA)
    January 29th, 2020 at 03:54 PM

    I found this video to be appropriate for a HS Health class. Good information about binge drinking and alcohol poisoning.