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Adventures of a Maritime Archaeologist: What Is Maritime Archaeology?

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(male narrator) So much of history has been tightly kept in a little box that archaeology is now cracking open. I started in archaeology when I was 14, thinking, "What could I do? What was left to be found?" Ninety-five percent of the oceans remain unknown. So if you want to explore, to find something, the oceans are a tremendous place to work. My name is Jim Delgado and I'm a maritime, or an underwater, archaeologist.

(Describer) A diver swims over a sunken ship.

Maritime archaeology is the study from what people leave behind of how we, as human beings, have interacted with the oceans and with lakes and rivers. It goes back tens of thousands of years, as people harvested goods from the sea and learned to fish, built canoes to cross oceans, till today's modern times, when big, massive ships ply the oceans, carrying oil, large numbers of people, and, in the 21st century, still transport 90% of the things that people buy and use by water.

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Maritime archaeology is a discipline within archaeology that specifically studies human interaction with oceans, lakes, and rivers through the study of artifacts. Researchers trace the historical aspects of human dependence and influences on bodies of water. Some areas of interest include harvested goods from the sea, fishing techniques, transportation, and water quality. Part of the "Adventures of a Maritime Archaeologist" series.

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