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Let's Trade

2 minutes

It's a beautiful day. I can't wait to ride my favorite bike. Spencer wants to ride too. There's only one bike. I hope I get there first. Spencer got to the bike before me. No one is playing with the purple bouncy ball. I wonder if I could trade it for a ride on my bike. I'll trade you the bouncy ball for a ride on the bike. Okay, Andre, I'll trade you the green bike for the bouncy ball. Thanks, Spencer. I love riding the green bike. It's my favorite.

[Spencer thinking] Now I want a turn on the tire swing.

Hi, Keana. Would you trade a ride on the swing for this bouncy ball? Okay, I'll trade you a ride for the bouncy ball. Yay! Thank you, Keana. I love to swing. You're welcome, Spencer.

[Keana thinking] I wonder if Andre would let me ride the bike.

I was hoping you would trade the green bike

for the bouncy ball. [bell rings]

(woman) Time for lunch, children. Sorry, Keana. Maybe we can trade tomorrow? Sure. That sounds like a great idea.

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This animation takes young viewers to a playground where three children are trading toys with each other. Students explore the economic concepts of barter and trade. Part of the "All Around Me" series.

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Runtime: 2 minutes

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Episode 1
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Grade Level: K - 3
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