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A Healthy Plate

3 minutes

(child) This is my plate. I'm filling it with whole wheat rolls because rolls are so good to eat.

(woman) Oh, you have too many rolls. Too much bread will make you sleepy.

(child) Some of you rolls have to go away.

(woman) Only this much of your plate should have grain like whole wheat rolls.

(child) Rolls are grains?

(woman) Yes. Grains from bread and cereal give your body energy. Protein gives your body energy too.

(child) Pro-what?

(woman) Protein. Protein makes your muscles strong and helps them grow. You get protein from beans, meat, peanut butter. And this much of your plate should be protein.

(child) I think I need more protein on my plate.

(woman) No, you have plenty of protein here. Now you need fruits and vegetables.

(child) How much space for fruits and vegetables?

(woman) Half of your plate is fruits and vegetables. You need more vegetables than fruit.

(child) Spinach, cherry tomatoes, and asparagus are yummy. Cantaloupe, apples, and grapes are tasty too.

(woman) There are so many delicious choices for fruits and vegetables.

(child) Fruits and vegetables fill up half the plate. Is my plate full?

(woman) You also need dairy.

(child) What's dairy?

[cow mooing] moo!

(woman) Cheese, milk, and yogurt are dairy foods. Dairy foods help you have healthy bones and teeth.

(child) Is it ready now?

[camera shutter clicks] (woman) Say "cheese"...

or "veggies," "fruit," or "protein." That's a good meal.

(child) This is my plate. Fruits and vegetables are half the plate. Then there's protein, grains, and dairy. This is a healthy plate. Now I'm going to eat it.

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Based on the USDA MyPlate model, this stop-motion animation shows what a healthy meal should look like. Narrated by a young child who wants to fill their plate with dinner rolls and an adult who explains why that is not a balanced meal. This video provides an easy-to-follow visual that breaks down portion sizes for grains, fruits, vegetables, protein, and dairy. Part of the “Healthy Me” series.

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Runtime: 3 minutes

Healthy Me
Episode 1
3 minutes
Grade Level: K - 3