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Shape House

1 minute

(Describer) In a cartoon, title: Everyday Math for Preschoolers. A tricycle, blocks, recycling bins and clothespins are around a title.

(child narrating) Let's draw a house made of shapes.

(Describer) ...drawn with a marker.

We'll start with a square. Here's the square part of the house and two square windows.

(Describer) Four sides the same.

Now let's use triangles. Let's put on a roof shaped like a triangle.

(Describer) ...with three sides.

Let's put on a door and two tree trunks shaped like rectangles.

(Describer) Four sides, tall and narrow.

Here's a circle for the doorknob and a circle for the sun. Now let's put on some ovals for the trees.

(Describer) They’re like squished circles. The picture gets colored.

(Describer) Accessibility provided by the US Department of Education.

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Being able to identify basic shapes and how they relate to each other is the foundation for understanding more complex geometrical concepts. Students learn how shapes fit together as they watch a house being built. Part of the "Everyday Math for Preschoolers" series.

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Runtime: 1 minute

Everyday Math for Preschoolers
Episode 1
1 minute
Grade Level: Ps - 3