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Teen Kids News (Episode 1427)

22 minutes

(Describer) In computer animation, different news scenes in rectangles move fast around a turning globe.

(Describer) In front of a blue background with a triangle and circle, title: Teen Kids News. A girl sits at a desk with monitors behind her.

Welcome to "Teen Kids News." I'm Veronique. Here's our top story for this week.

(Describer) The Teen Kids News logo is on curved screens that form a turning cylinder. Passing around it, title: Top Story.

What do you call a teen who loves softball, dancing, and chocolate chip cookie dough? One more thing-- she has a crown. Amelia has the answer. You call her Katherine Haik, Miss Teen USA 2015.

(Describer) Onstage...

(announcer) The winner of Miss Teen USA 2015 is...

(Describer) Two girls in gowns hold hands.


(Describer) The girl is blue is hugged by the girl in green. Title: Katherine Haik.

So the first runner up is California!

(Amelia) Katherine won more than the crown. She won a place in history books. Not only was she the youngest contestant in the famous pageant, at 15, she's the youngest winner ever.

(Describer) She gets a crown.

Hi, Katherine. Hi. Thank you for having me. Our pleasure.

(Describer) She wears a blue jacket and a sash.

What was it like competing against 50 girls who were older than you? I see myself as a mature 15-year-old, so my age didn't hold me back from having the same experience as everyone. I made many friends, had fun, and had a great time. What was it like growing up in a small Louisiana town? I love living in a small town. Everyone is so supportive. When I won, they just went crazy. They're amazing. I love living there. You must be a big celebrity around town. I would say so. You started playing softball at three? I did. My sister played softball. My dad wanted me to get involved. I started at three, and it went from there. I'm on my high school softball team. I love it.

(Describer) She’s shown playing.

(Amelia) What position do you play? I did play first base, but I'm currently playing second. I move around. I've played everywhere. Are you better at hitting or fielding? It's kind of equal. I did hit an over-the-fence home run last year. That was exciting, so maybe hitting. It depends on the game. You hit a home run with Miss Teen USA. What made you enter? I did small pageants when I was younger, but this was my first big one. I entered pageants to get the full experience. You get so many things out of it, like confidence, speaking skills, interviews. It'll help me through the rest of my life in jobs and different things. It's a positive experience for me. For those who have never been in a pageant, what are some skills to master? You need to master finding out who you are and being confident in who you are. That helps while you're on stage or doing your interview and being yourself. Speaking of pageants, before making it to the national competition, you have to win state. Didn't you have a nervous moment there?

(Katherine) I did. It was my first big pageant where I had to answer a question. I just got stage fright and really nervous, so I kind of blanked out and didn't answer the question well. It kind of held me back, but in the end, the judges said I did well in my one-on-one interview, so that helped me win. I saw what I needed to work on for the national pageant. It told me what I needed to work on. At Miss Teen USA, I didn't bobble on the question. Obviously, it worked. You went on to win the title of Miss Louisiana Teen USA and ultimately, Miss Teen USA 2015. Next, we'll hear how Katherine's knowledge of history helped her win the talent competition. "Teen Kids News" will be right back.

(Describer) Spinning with the triangle and circle, title: Teen Kids News.

(Describer) Amelia:

We're talking with Katherine Haik, Miss Teen USA 2015. When one thinks of a talent competition, you think of dancing, singing, or maybe an instrument. But you did something a bit different. There's no talent portion in Miss Teen USA. It was a get-to-know-you question. We put three interesting facts on our bio and I chose singing all the presidents in order while singing a song. I did it in front of the audience. It was kind of cool. It was fun. How can I not ask you to show us? Okay.

(Describer) She claps.

♪ Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison ♪

♪ Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Van Buren ♪

♪ Harrison, Tyler, Polk, and Taylor ♪

♪ Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan ♪

♪ Lincoln, Johnson, Grant, Hayes, Garfield ♪

♪ Arthur, Cleveland, Harrison, Cleveland ♪

♪ McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson ♪

♪ Harding, Coolidge, Hoover ♪

♪ Franklin Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman ♪

♪ Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy ♪

♪ Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan ♪

♪ Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. ♪

It's a mouthful, for sure. Impressive. You didn't just recite it, you asked people to clap along? They did. It was a way to get them involved. The final question is an intense point. So it kind of broke up the mood and relaxed everyone. What gave you the idea to sing the presidents song? I learned to do that in seventh grade. My history teacher brought his guitar to class to help us remember information. It's so much easier in a song. It was something cool and fun. It made me stand out from the rest. Stand out, you did. What's it like to hear your name announced as the winner, as Miss Teen USA? It's a very crazy moment, a very exciting and surreal moment. I dreamed of it, but never thought it would happen. A year ago, I wouldn't have imagined being in the final two and hearing my name. It was crazy, very exciting, and it's been so much fun. If any viewer wants to enter Miss Teen USA, what advice could you share? I would tell them to go for it. Don't let the fear of trying something new stop you. You could win and go far. It's a great experience, and I've learned a lot about myself and being independent, learning so many skills doing it. Terrific. Thanks for speaking with us and congratulations. Thank you. For more information about Miss Teen USA or competitions in your area, check out their website. For "Teen Kids News," I'm Amelia.

(Describer) Luke:

There's nothing funny about being bullied, except maybe for this. The word "bully" was originally a compliment. Back in the 16th century, it meant "sweetheart." Not that I'm suggesting that you should call a bully "sweetheart," but it does make one wonder how things get so turned around.

(Describer) Veronique:

We've got to take a short break. Don't go away. "Teen Kids News" will be back. Imagine a classroom without supplies to read and write. Unfortunately, there are many schools like that in poor countries around the world. Meet an organization working to change that.

(Describer) Kids in school uniforms walk down a road in a forest.

(girl) These Sri Lanka students are on their way to a special library. What makes it special would surprise us--books!

(Describer) In a building, they go through the books. John Wood:

Room to Read is an organization that is opening schools and libraries across the developing world for the poorest of the poor. Hundreds of schools, thousands of libraries, so children everywhere are not denied an education because they were born in the wrong place and time.

(girl) John Wood is an amazing guy. He was an executive at Microsoft until he went on vacation in Nepal. There he saw the desperate need for libraries. He changed his own life to change the lives of the world's children.

(Describer) In Nepal...

Growing up in Pennsylvania, a bookmobile came to our town. We think of this as a Nepalese yak-mobile. We've got our yak loaded with books and we're about to go to a secondary school in Jomsom to deliver 500 books for their first library.

(Describer) He leads two yaks who have sacks of books on their backs.

(girl) When John arrives with his yak-mobile, look at the reaction!

(Describer) Kids surround him.

Reading isn't just fun, it lets them connect to the world beyond their community. "What does Suresh like?"

(Describer) He sits reading a book with a child, who sounds out words.

He--he likes ice cream. He likes ice cream. "What do Annie and Unni like?" "What do Annie and Unni like?" They like ice cream. They like chicken curry. They like chicken curry? Do you like chicken curry? Yes. Yes? Okay.

(girl) In Nepal, children express gratitude with flowers and the traditional "namaste."

(all) Namaste! There are also grateful children in Africa, Cambodia, India, and Laos. Since it started, Room to Read has reached more than 1600 schools and built 15,000 libraries filled with books published in the local language. This is made possible by donations of all sizes, including help from American teens. Students in America have gotten involved. We have a movement called Students Helping Students. Students pick a goal and a country. We don't dictate to them what they need to do or how. We say, "Here's the menu. Decide on a project, a country. We'll tell the cost and report how the money was spent."

(girl) It costs Room to Read $30,000 to open a school. That's a lot to collect.

(John) No one individual is going to raise enough to build a school. But if 20 to 100 students make it a project, they'll do it together and they'll have a great feeling. When they hear about poverty or global issues, they'll say, "I did something."

(girl) By just raising $250, you can sponsor a scholarship for a girl. In many parts of the world, girls can't go to school.

(John) Over 100 million girls in the developing world did not go to school this morning. That to me screams opportunity to make positive change and say, "No longer should we live in a world where any boy or girl is denied education."

(Describer) Jacelyn:

If you're looking for a great service project, read my lips-- Room to Read. To help, there's a link on our website.

(Describer) Kristina:

One way to tell if someone is a good friend is not what you say, but by how little you say. Well, sort of. Experts say you can spend time with a true friend and not feel you have to converse. Of course, if you're both busy watching TV, surfing the web, or playing video games, that doesn't exactly count.

(Describer) Veronique:

It's time for another important message, brought to you by the National Road Safety Foundation.

(Describer) Title: Actor Portrayal. At a party, kids chat and drink.

[all talking at once]

Cool party! What do you want to drink? I want a head-on collision with a concussion twist.

(Describer) She gets a red cup against the background of a broken windshield.

[crashing sounds]

Make mine a fatal accident with no survivors.

(Describer) He gets a dark bottle against the background of an overturned car.

[crashing] [siren wailing]

And you? A designated driver, please. You know, a bottle of water.

(Describer) She gets one.

Awesome! You're a lifesaver!

(Describer) They toast. Titles: Don’t order your death. Don’t drink and drive! The National Road Safety Foundation.

(Describer) A viewer email says, “Hey TKN, you’re cool!” Signed Kenny.

(Describer) Sitting at a table...

You'll be surprised where experts say you should do some studying. I'll have that story in "Make the Grade," next on "Teen Kids News."

(Describer) Veronique:

It's time for "Make the Grade." Here's Christin.

(Describer) At the table...

Things like noise and distractions aside, experts say where you study can impact how well you study. For reviewing major topics for a test, they recommend sitting at a desk or table. In fact, try to recreate, as much as possible, the setting where you'll be taking the test. But wait till you hear where they recommend you study for simple memory tasks like flash cards or memorizing.

(Describer) Later...

In bed, at least for some of the work. It seems the mind keeps working overnight. If you think sleeping on your text books will help, it won't. I'm Christin, helping you "Make the Grade." Where was I?

(Describer) In bed, she reads.

"I never saw a moor; I never saw the sea, "Yet know I how the 'weather' looks, And what a billow be..."

(Describer) A courthouse with tall columns is shown. A cartoon judge in a white wig waves a gavel. On the cover of a book, title: Weird, Wild Wacky Laws. Emily:


Across the country, there are weird laws that haven't been enforced for decades, but are still on the books. For example, in one California town, it's illegal to kiss unless both people kissing first wipe their lips with carbonized rose water. What on earth were they thinking when they came up with that?

(Describer) Against the background of a baseball stadium, title: Baseball Facts with Matt. A bat hits a ball.

The oldest baseball stadium in continuous use is Fenway Park. Fenway Park is located in the Fenway District of Boston, Massachusetts and is home to the Red Sox. But why is it called Fenway Park? Fen is another word for a marsh. Before Fenway Park was built, the area was very marshy. Why they decided to build a baseball stadium over a marsh? I'm not sure. I'm Matt with "Teen Kids News."

(Describer) Jackie:

Few things are more frustrating than having your smart phone die just when you need it. Here's one trick to help make your battery last longer-- lower the screen's brightness. Your phone probably came with a preset level that's a lot higher than you need. The brighter the screen, the quicker the battery drains. Go into your phone's menu and manually lower the brightness. You'll find that dimming your screen is a really bright idea.

(Describer) Veronique:

We know sugary drinks can be unhealthy. But that's not all we need to be careful about. Daniella explains. When it's time to focus, do you reach for caffeine, like soda, coffee, or tea? You could be reaching for trouble. Medical experts say caffeine is more than just a chemical compound. It's actually a mood-altering drug. That means it gives you ups and downs, like being on an unpleasant merry-go-round. On the upside, caffeine can give you a short-term energy boost. But here's the down side-- caffeine can cause anxiety, jitters, and trouble sleeping. When it wears off, you can feel sluggish. Worse, if you drink caffeine regularly, your body begins to crave it. And that's not good for your schoolwork. Whether it's soda, coffee, or tea, go for decaff. You're under enough pressure from school. Don't let caffeine make things even harder. I'm Daniella for "Teen Kids News."

(Describer) In a kitchen...

A great way to eat veggies-- the recipe next on "Teen Kids News." Don't go away.

(Describer) Veronique:

Students from the Culinary Institute of America are sharing some favorite recipes with "Teen Kids News." Here's one you can make.

(Describer) Fletch:

Today we're making a dish for lunchtime or a healthy snack. My pasta and vegetable salad is easy to make. Here's what you need-- elbow macaroni-- about half a box. I've chopped two stalks of celery, one can of black sliced olives, one diced cucumber, one red bell pepper, one green bell pepper, and half a red onion. I'm going to finish it with mozzarella cheese and grated Parmesan. Let's start the pasta.

(Describer) He pours it into a pot of boiling water on a stove and gets a large spoon.

I'm going to stir this. You can use any pasta you like, really. My favorite's elbow macaroni.

(Describer) He puts aside the spoon and gets a large empty glass bowl.

While the pasta's cooking, I'll show how to make Italian dressing. I've used one teaspoon of celery salt,

(Describer) He pours in ingredients from small bowls.

one teaspoon of dried thyme, a teaspoon of dried oregano, and a teaspoon of parsley. I used fresh today from the garden, but you can use dried. I'm going to add one tablespoon of black pepper, one tablespoon of white sugar...

(Describer) He uses his fingers to get it out.

a tablespoon of onion powder, and a tablespoon of garlic powder. I'm going to mix all those ingredients with a quarter cup of cider vinegar.

(Describer) He pours it in while stirring with a whisk, then mixes it all together, including spices left sticking to the sides of the bowl.

(Describer) He sets aside the vinegar bottle.

Now I'm going to add the 1 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil. Add it slowly so that it mixes together well.

(Describer) While stirring quickly with the whisk, he slowly pours in the oil.

This pasta salad is great the next day after it's chilled in the fridge. The flavors come together. It's my favorite for school. When I was a kid, my mom made this every day before school.

(Describer) He finishes pouring in the oil and keeps mixing.

Now that the dressing's done, let's check on that pasta.

(Describer) He sets aside the dressing bowl.

It's been cooking for about seven to ten minutes, but follow the directions on the box. They're always right. Our pasta's done.

(Describer) He stirs with the big spoon.

(Describer) Taking the pot to a colander in the sink, he pours the pasta and water into it, then puts a bowl of the drained pasta on the counter.

Now that the pasta is cooked, there's two ways to cool it. After you've drained the pasta, run cool water over it to stop the cooking, or drain it and let it cool naturally. Let's add our ingredients.

(Describer) He starts with a bowl of the diced celery.

I'm going to add the celery and then the onion. Next is the black olives and the green pepper.

(Describer) He pours those in and puts their bowls aside.

I'm going to add cucumber and red bell pepper next.

(Describer) He pours those in.

And then I'll mix it all together.

(Describer) ...with the large spoon.

There's a lot of vegetables, and the good thing is they're raw, so the health benefits aren't lost. Doesn't that look nice? I'm not even finished yet. I'm going to add the cheese next--mozzarella. You don't have to use it all, just enough-- as much as you'd like. Add any cheese you want. I like mozzarella. You can add cheddar. I'm using Parmesan next. A little bit there. Give that another good mix. Sometimes you might need a bigger bowl. We're going to add the dressing next. Give it a good mix to mix it back together. You don't have to use it all. Keep it in the fridge to use on your salad with steak some nights or for more pasta salad. I'm using about a cup.

(Describer) He pours in just that much, then puts the dressing bowl aside again. He mixes with the big spoon.

Now that it's mixed, I like to season. Seasoning to taste means adding a little salt and pepper for taste. It's up to you how much. I added a bit of both. Let's taste.

(Describer) He stirs once more with a fork, and eats some.

Mmm. Delicious. This is my pasta and veggie recipe at the Culinary Institute of America. For "Teen Kids News," I'm Fletch.

(Describer) He eats some more. Veronique:

Wow, that looks really good. You can find the recipe on our website. "Teen Kids News" will be back next week. Don't miss it. Bye for now.

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In this episode, Katherine Haik, Miss Teen USA 2015, discusses her path to becoming the youngest contestant to win the pageant. The crew also highlights the organization Room to Read, which provides books to impoverished regions throughout the world. Other segments include study techniques, the history of Fenway Park, the negative effects of caffeine, and a recipe for veggie pasta salad. Part of the "Teen Kids News" series.

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