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Spanish Language

2 men stand at a threshold and look back into a home towards a woman dressed as a maid. Caption. Dominga. Hazlo pasar a la biblioteca, Maria.
1 hours 39 minutes 16 seconds
Grade Level: 12 -
Illustration of a black-haired girl and a penguin holding out their arms and standing on a big ice sheet floating in water. Caption. "He sways to the music as he shuffles his feet."
Art to Heart
Episode 4
1 minutes 31 seconds
Grade Level: K - 5
1 hours 44 minutes 8 seconds
Grade Level: 12 -
Standing Latina woman and 2 Latino men, 1 standing and 1 seated,  gather around a table. Caption. Picot as narrator. Miralo.
1 hours 43 minutes 59 seconds
Grade Level: 12 -
Black and white frame of Latino man with sombrero hat. Man gazes away from camera.
1 hours 39 minutes 27 seconds
Grade Level: 12 -
Aerial shot of an urban city street in Indonesia with bumper to bumper traffic and dilapidated buildings. Caption. In stark contrast to Indonesia's wilderness areas.
1 hours 37 minutes 50 seconds
Grade Level: 12 -
Black and white frame of men holding sombreros and women in black standing behind them. Caption. Se que entre ustedes se murmura que los ha matado un fantasma.
1 hours 35 minutes 19 seconds
Grade Level: 12 -
Black and white frame shows a man wearing a dark coat, scarf and brimmed hat standing between 2 bellhops.
1 hours 31 minutes 58 seconds
Grade Level: 12 -