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Nonverbal Media

Buster Keaton standing next to a woman in the movie, College.
1 hours 4 minutes 22 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
White female holding sides of her elaborate hat and looks forward. Caption. With Mae-Murray type bee-stung lips.
37 minutes 35 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Cartoon. Convertible truck full of gray mice, some smiling with hands in the air. Caption. Sound of mice squeaking.
13 minutes 3 seconds
Grade Level: Ps - 1
Black and white frame of Charlie Chaplin wearing a blanket over his shoulders and sitting in the snow, cane resting on one knee. A sign nearby reads, "I claim 250 feet North, East, South, West.
1 hour 12 minutes
Grade Level: 7 - 12
Unavailable. Video contains content from MK2, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
1 hours 8 minutes 19 seconds
Grade Level: 9 - 12
Lone tricycle parked on a sidewalk in front of a grass lawn. Caption. Sound of chimes.
11 minutes 10 seconds
Grade Level: Ps - 3
Colored pencil illustration of a red-headed young boy reaching out to shake the hand of a snowman wearing a checkered hat and tie.
25 minutes 55 seconds
Grade Level: Ps - 3
Color illustration. Snowman reaches up to touch a colored bulb on a Christmas tree. Spanish caption. Campanas sonando.
27 minutes 36 seconds
Grade Level: Ps - 3
Girl with light colored, long hair wears a white dress and runs along a sidewalk. Caption. [Girl crying] auh-hu.
26 minutes 32 seconds
Grade Level: 6 - 12