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Cultural Interdependence

Each program describes one of the four universal elements that define culture: social organizations, geography, economy, and beliefs and values. Each of these elements is broken down into key sub-elements, showing their great diversity in world cultures and civilizations. 

Cultural Interdependence: Social Organizations

Social organizations influence culture in a variety of ways. These organizations include family units, religious groups, schools and education, government bodies, recreation or work groups and ethnic groups. Each of these groups relies on communication to build and reinforce cultural norms.

Cultural Interdependence: Geography

The geography of an area, specifically the topography, climate, and natural resources, influences the ways people live. From food, clothing, shelter, and water, the geography of an area is one factor that dictates a lifestyle and culture.

Cultural Interdependence: Economy

The culture of a region is affected by the economic activities of that region. Economic activities vary depending on topography, climate, and natural resources. People produce products and services to help meet their subsistence needs. Economic systems such as free market economies and command economies are explored.

Cultural Interdependence: Beliefs And Values

Beliefs and values are often shaped by historical events, and are often handed down from generation to generation. Values including individual freedom, religious practices, and cooperation during historical and current events all shape the values of a culture.

Out of the Past: Artisans and Traders

Researchers explore the link between economic and cultural evolution. Hunter-gatherers and early agriculturalists had simple divisions of labor, but today people make a living in many ways. The proliferation of occupations and the extreme economic interdependence of today are the result of increasing job specialization, which causes society to continually undergo restructuring. Part of the "Out of the Past" series.

Black Deaf Culture Through the Lens of Black Deaf History

Overviews recent accomplishments and recognition of Black Deaf people From Benro Ogunyipe about educators, history