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A Boy, A Dog And A Frog

9 minutes 56 seconds

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Usually it's a dog that follows a child home, but in this story it's a frog. The tale begins in the river, where the frog swims and plays. Meanwhile, a boy gets up, gets dressed, and takes his dog out to play. Then they go down to the water to try and capture the frog. Their efforts are useless-the frog always splashes away. But when they give up for the day, the frog follows them home. At the end, the frog hops upstairs and joins the boy and the dog for an evening bath. Based on a book by Mercer Mayer.

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Runtime: 9 minutes 56 seconds

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Viewer Comments

  • Tiny 20151231 221422
    DEBRA G. (Roseville, MI)
    February 7th, 2013 at 11:18 PM

    Excellent story for questioning, predicting, and making connections!