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Cartoon illustration of Moko the young explorer. Silhouette of a young boy wearing long shorts, walking in the grass with sun shining brightly in the sky with a few clouds.

How does a rainbow happen? Is a star living or dying? What is Spring?

These are just some of the many questions that a young child will ask. Moko answers these questions as he travels all over the world, discovering many natural phenomena which sometimes delight him and other times scare him.

Each of the 52 animated episodes recounts an adventure and ends with an explanation of what seems unexplainable. This series has been called magical and poetic!

The DCMP has described and captioned this series in both English and Spanish. Each 5-minute video also includes Extended Description which provides introductions to both the story and the science segments. To further enhance the learning experience, these introductions and all other description also have been captioned for the benefit of students who are deaf.

We see a silhouette of Moko on the back of a giant turtle, turning its head to look at Moko.

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MOKO Copyright © Le Regard Sonore Productions

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