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DCMP Library Terms of Service

By applying for, and using a DCMP library account, you agree:

  • To show borrowed media only where authorized and approved individuals are involved.
  • To show borrowed media to no audience where admission is charged.
  • To use no borrowed media in any manner (including copying or broadcasting media) that will infringe upon or violate any copyright interest.
  • To be responsible for the safekeeping of borrowed media from the time of receipt until return, if borrowing media through the mail. The borrower may be required to pay the replacement cost of any media lost or damaged.
  • To report on usage for each item viewed, including indicating number of showings and total audience information.
  • To preview materials and be solely responsible for the content used from the library. (Grade levels are provided as a general guideline, and users must make their own decisions as to the appropriateness of content for a given audience. Be aware that some educational content might discuss sensitive topics and/or include images/language not appropriate for all audiences.)
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