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In Praise of Siblings

The understatement of my life could be that "all kids are different." Give my daughter a set of watercolors and brushes, and she's happy all afternoon. Her brother's idea of fun with paint involves camouflage, a CO-2 cartridge with a case of 500 high velocity pellets and a semi-automatic paintball gun. I should have seen this coming when my eldest first wielded his pork chop bone like a Walther PPK during Sunday dinner at the tender age of two. Only three men I know use a pork chop bone like that, and I gave birth to two of them (and married the third). Either brother would lay his life down for his sister, assuming she hadn't gotten on his nerves that day. From Leeanne Seaver about parents

Captioned Films for the Deaf Curriculum Workshops

Doin Hicks writes about the Captioned Films for the Deaf (CFD) Ball State University project. From Doin Hicks about history, dcmp

Footsteps to Inspire Us: Women Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Blind and Low Vision, and Deaf-Blind

March is Women's History Month. As we celebrate all the women in American and world history whose influence has shaped our lives, we should not forget the influences of women who are deaf or hard of hearing, blind or low vision, and deaf-blind. At first you may not be able to think of any such women. Then you might remember Helen Keller who was both deaf and blind and an inspiration to millions. However, there are many other sensory-disabled women who have not only contributed to their own community but to the world at large. From Cindy Camp about educators, blindness, deaf-blind, deaf