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Stephen Fry: HIV & Me, Part One

59 minutes 11 seconds

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Still image from Stephen Fry: HIV & Me, Part One

Among new HIV cases, heterosexual patients are the majority, and high-risk behavior appears to be on the rise in many young demographic groups. What does this tell about evolving attitudes towards AIDS? How do factors such as immigration, cultural tradition, economic disparity, and government inaction come into play? Writer and actor Stephen Fry pushes for answers while expressing his curiosity and outrage. Fry surveys carefree London clubbers about condom use and, traversing the United Kingdom, examines the perception of HIV/AIDS among gay and straight men alike. After meeting a British woman infected by her Ghanaian partner, Fry journeys to South Africa to confront Ghana's confusing AIDS policies. NOTE: Contains occasional explicit language and imagery. Accessibility options on the DVD are: (1) expanded description, (2) English subtitles in a black box.

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Runtime: 59 minutes 11 seconds

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