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The Angry Heart: The Impact Of Racism On Heart Disease Among African Americans

56 minutes 28 seconds

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Still image from The Angry Heart: The Impact Of Racism On Heart Disease Among African Americans

Spotlights this modern epidemic through the story of 45-year-old Keith Hartgrove, who has already experienced two heart attacks and quadruple bypass surgery. Together with the experts who are interviewed in this documentary, he analyzes the impact of a wide variety of factors including depression, stress, diet, smoking, and other lifestyle issues, but makes clear that, for African-Americans, such factors are inseparable from racism and from the discrimination, poverty, segregation, substandard education, and day-to-day tensions which racism engenders. Accessibility options on the DVD are: (1) audio description, (2) English subtitles in a black box.

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Runtime: 56 minutes 28 seconds

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