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The Special Theory Of Relativity

1 hour 3 minutes

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Still image from The Special Theory Of Relativity

How did 20th-century physics change long-held notions of light's makeup and behavior? This group of 12 concise computer-animated videos illustrates Einstein's monumental contributions to the study of light. Shows how rudimentary ideas of material wave motion yielded to more advanced concepts of electromagnetic waves by detailing Einstein's conclusions about the speed of light and his conception of time, which-given his findings on mass and energy-proceeds according to variable frames of reference. Conveys relativistic thought experiments through helpful animation, which demonstrate simultaneity, time dilation, length contraction, and relativistic mass. Accessibility options on the DVD are: (1) audio description, (2) subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH).

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Runtime: 1 hour 3 minutes

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