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How to Earn CEUs Through DCMP

You can earn Certificates of Completiong and Continuing Education Units through DCMP's Signs of Development online workshops, e-learning modules, interactive workshops, and webinars. We do not issue CEUs ourselves; credit is dependent upon your organization or affiliated organizations as outlined below.

Signs of Development Interactive Workshops

DCMP members who complete Signs of Development WWWorkshops can earn Continuing Education Credits. Signs of Development is an approved sponsor for RID CEUs. They have a number of ways that interpreters and educators can earn their CEUs with RID or your state licensing agency. They have existing relationships with most states and ASLTA, who accept CEUs granted by their WWWorkshops without any additional verification required.

Visit Signs of Development to learn the variety of ways that CEUs can be earned and processed, with links to the pages where this information can be found and explained in more depth.

eLearning Modules

To access the modules, create an account with DCMP. When you log in, you’ll find a link to the modules. You can begin a module, return to modules you have in progress, and print certificates for modules you have completed. DCMP will verify successful completion of this training to those who qualify. Once the entire course has been completed, a new section called Verification of Training Completion will appear on the menu. Go to that section to print your Verification of Completion. DCMP does not issue CEUs. Earning Continuing Education Credits with your Verification of Completion certificate will depend upon the policies of your organization.


Continuing Education Units can be earned by viewing the following DCMP webinars:

To earn CEUs and receive a Certificate of Completion, you must follow these steps:

  1. Register for a webinar before viewing.
  2. View webinar.
  3. Complete the survey.
  4. Email with the name of the webinar session and request a CEU certificate. Be sure that the email comes from the address used to register for the webinar.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

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